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RACING is in my blood

LUCAS OIL is in my boat

RACING is in my blood

LUCAS OIL is in my boat

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GuinnesS World Record holder

Nigel Hook and his team set a new Guinness World Record from Key West to Cuba in 1 hour, 18 minutes, and 3 seconds on August 17, 2017.

In addition to a coveted Guinness World Record, Hook and his team not only established several APBA and UIM World Records, they are also the first team to ever race to Havana and make it back to Key West on the same day under their own power.


The return trip became its own adventure when just 12 miles into it, the port side abruptly lost power. Hook said “Coming back on one engine was extremely challenging because of the strong side currents in the Straits of Florida. The current was so powerful that if we fell off plane, we would have been pushed east faster than we could idle north.” Johnson agreed, “It would have been a long tow on a dark night in 5-7 footers … or a long trip over to the Bahamas probably in time for breakfast!”

UIM World Records

                              Key West to Havana:  1:18:03    Ave: 78.742mph

                              Havana to Key West:  2:06:13    Ave: 48.631mph

                              Round Trip:                 5:41:59*  Ave: 35.900mph

*time includes  2:17:43 in Cuba for passport stamps and press conference

Nigel Hook

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